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Elle Garfield, LMSW


Here's what people are saying about Elle and Awareness Counseling.....



"Elle made it completely safe and comfortable for me to reconnect with my own body and breath, which is something so simple, yet so overlooked in my life.  I really appreciate her ability to help me be comfortable in my own skin!"-  Lynne Stevens, MA, LLP


"Elle has taught me that peace can be obtained in the moment.  No matter how stressed or distracted I feel; she has a technique that allows me to slow down and feel more controlled and present.  She never ceases to amaze me."- Renee Rowe, Lake Orion


"Elle knows value of staying grounded and in touch with your body and breathing. More importantly she's highly skilled at it!"- Laurie Orlando, Esq, Harper Woods


"Elle has helped me to better understand the connection between my emotions and my body. Her expertise in working with the body through yoga, breathing techniques and relaxation exercises has helped me to deal more effectively with the anxiety and stress in my life. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to learn to experience more calm and peace in their life."- Mariahn Gillian, Lake Orion  


"My experience at the office of Elle Garfield was a very pleasant one.  I found her to be very compassionate, 

thorough,  educated, confident and professional.  From the moment I entered her office, I felt very calm.  The waiting room with the water fountain added a nice relaxing touch to the atmosphere.  My session was helpful and successful.  I would recommend her to my friends and family."-Dorene P. 

"This is a pure restorative yoga experience. Elle nurtures you back to original yoga: unity of breath, mind and body. Elle's in depth yoga class connects you with the power and beauty of yoga. I enjoy and am very grateful for Elle as my teacher."- Elaine, Beverly HIlls.
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