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Inspiration From Within

Inspiration From Within

Are you waiting for the motivation to:

•    Get that project done?

•    Exercise?
•    Meditate?
•    Eat right?
•    Start a new routine?

How long have you been waiting? Wouldn’t it be great if you could access the motivation you need as easily as you access the electricity that is needed to run your computer. If you are ready to stop waiting and get started accomplishing your goals get a piece of paper and a pen and write down these words:

•    Action comes before motivation.

Find a spot that you are sure to look at daily like the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator and tape this message there.

Your tendency may be to wait until the motivation comes before you take the action you know is good for you to do. Taking action first, even when you don’t feel like doing it gives you the inspiration to continue and make healthier choices for yourself. Taking action, even something small, like sitting up in bed instead of continuing to lie down stirs energy up. It’s a change in what you were doing only a moment ago. This change creates a subtle shift in how you feel. With awareness you can stay in the flow of energy and feel the incentive to do the next right thing.  

You may be thinking, “What real difference will it make to take such small action like sitting up in bed. I need to do some cardiovascular work to make a difference in how I feel. I just feel tired even thinking about doing that!” It’s true that in order for you to gain the most benefits of exercise you will need to reach your larger goal but the question is:  Are you doing it now? If not, here’s a way to get the motivation to reach your goal.

Most people think in terms of wanting to accomplish big things that take lots of discipline and effort. You may want to lose 10 pounds or be practicing yoga five days a week.  These are great goals to have but they can be more easily accomplished when you take small steps consistently. Taking one small action towards those goals; like recording what you are eating at one meal or throwing out a favorite junk food can fuel your drive to do more, leading to the next step toward your goal.  If your goal is to have a regular yoga practice take the first steps toward that goal like purchasing a yoga mat or talking to a yoga teacher. These actions will have an affect on the way you feel and if you are mindful they will lead to the next logical step.

If you are thinking, “Yes, but I’m just too overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, etc. to do that!” You are not alone, many people think they can’t even take the smallest steps toward their goal but that is part of the thinking mind. Your thinking will tell you, “I can’t”, but sometimes the truth is only apparent in the physical body.  When you move a muscle you change a thought. One movement naturally leads to another.

Many yoga classes now are in the style of vinyasa which means one breath one movement- flowing from one movement to the next. These are popular classes because many people find they can do more when they start with an easy move that leads to the next movement, which may be more complicated, creating a flow of energy and movement.

Let’s review the key points of how to tap into your own inspiration:

•    Action comes before motivation

•    Make that action something small that you know you can do
•    Pay attention to the subtle shift of energy
•    Take the next step
•    Be consistent

Now you are ready to begin your journey to accomplishing your goals. Let the simple phrase, action comes before motivation remind you that the inspiration you need is as readily available as the electric outlet is to the plug attached to your computer.

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